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Research and teaching on Migrant Entrepreneurship

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The Institute for Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation (IGEI) constitutes its research and teaching around the topic of Migrant Entrepreneurship with a focus on opportunity-driven business formation in the knowledge intense and digital economy by skilled (im-)migrants, or those migrating to undergo training, i.e. students.

The topic of Migrant Entrepreneurship among the above outlined group has not yet been researched to a satisfactory degree and is presenting a research gap which the IGEI is about to fill.

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Research & Teaching focus

The Institute for Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation focuses on the following three topics


Migrants of different generations with voluntarily migration background, in particular skilled Expatriates and International Students


Scientific Entrepreneurship, in general and in particular focusing on opportunity-driven Entrepreneurship among Migrants in knowledge intense industries


Innovation, in general and in particular driven by Migrant Entrepreneurs as a driver of the future economy and society

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The Institute for Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation can rely on a strong network of partners that support the work and follow the mission. The IGEI is also member of renowned organisations.

Partners, Collaborators & Memberships

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Berlin Senate


“Everyone should have the chance to become an Entrepreneur – by performing research and teaching, the Institute for Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation is fostering Entrepreneurship among (im-)migrants and international students to fully lift the potential for the founders, economy and society!”

Alexander Ruthemeier, IGEI Founding Director

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Latest Study

"Cultural diversity drives social innovation in Germany's digital economy"

The study aims to substantiate that people with migrant or immigrant background are innovators and in that sense foster aspects of social innovation in correspondence to the UN's Social Development Goals (SDGs).

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The Institute for Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation is conducting research and teaching to facilitate a better understanding of the phenomenon "Migrant Entrepreneurship" as well as to foster entrepreneurial endeavours.

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Research of the phenomenon around Migrant Entrepreneurship is the focus of the IGEI.

Fundamental research has to be performed as Migrant Entrepreneurship with a focus on opportunity-driven business formation in the knowledge intense industry has been little researched and presents a research gap.

The empirical approach will be based on cross-sectional data and shall allow a longitudinal study to derive trends.


Teaching of the IGEI constitutes in lectureship for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Furthermore, a certificate course for “Entrepreneurship Essentials” will be offered for the first time in summer 2021, opening Entrepreneurship to people from various backgrounds.

In addition to that, start-up classes for students of Steinbeis University will foster the transfer-concept of Steinbeis.

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The following publications have been written, are in press or are in creation

Book chapter:
Expatriate and Expat-Preneur Ecosystems - Innovation Spaces Away from Home

The Future of Studying in Germany for international students in the Lights of Covid-19

Thesis (DE):
Private Finanzplanung für Expatriates in Deutschland

Dissertation (DE): 

Migration und Start-Up -  Motive, Ziele und Strukturen der Migration von (potentiellen) Unternehmensgründern aus dem Bereich Digitalwirtschaft nach Berlin

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