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Researching Migrant Entrepreneurship

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Research Projects and Publications

Research of the phenomenon around Migrant Entrepreneurship is the focus of the IGEI.

Fundamental research has to be performed as Migrant Entrepreneurship with a focus on opportunity-driven business formation in the knowledge intense by skilled (im-)migrants has been little researched and presents a research gap.

The empirical approach will be based on cross-sectional data and shall allow a longitudinal study to derive trends.

Research: Text

Research focus

The Institute for Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation focuses on the following three topics


(Im-)migrants of different generations, in particular skilled Expatriates and International Students


Scientific Entrepreneurship, in general and in particular focusing on opportunity-driven Entrepreneurship among Migrants in knowledge intense industries


Innovation, in general and in particular driven by Migrant Entrepreneurs as a driver of the future economy and society

Research: List

Whitepaper: The Future of Studying in Germany for international students in the Lights of Covid-19

The Whitepaper has been published featuring different research questions among international students with a view on innovation in Higher Education taking COVID into consideration.

A part of the Whitepaper analyses Entrepreneurship enrichment courses and stresses the need for further research on international-student-entrepreneurship.

Book chapter: Expatriate and Expat-Preneur Ecosystems

Ruthemeier A. (2021) Expatriate and Expat-Preneur Ecosystems: Innovation Spaces Away from Home. In: V. Nestle et al. (eds), Creating Innovation Spaces, Management for Professionals. Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden

Study: Insights - Relocating to an living in Germany as an international student

To analyse different questions among international students in Germany, a research has been conducted in collaboration with The German Association for international Students (DeGiS) and the service provider Expatrio. A summary and the results which have been featured in many media outlets can be found here

Dissertation: Migration und Start-Up -  Motive, Ziele und Strukturen der Migration von (potentiellen) Unternehmensgründern aus dem Bereich Digitalwirtschaft nach Berlin (DE)

The PhD thesis of the IGEI founder Alexander Ruthemeier is focusing on the following research question: “Which particularities are highly qualified migrant entrepreneurs facing in Berlin’s digital start-up scene and how do they cope with them?”.  The finalisation is planned for 2021.

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Thesis: Financial Planning für Expatriates in Deutschland (DE)

Following the interest and specialization of IGEI founder Alexander Ruthemeier, a thesis was written with the topic “Financial Planning für Expatriates in Deutschland – Theoretische Konzeption und empirische Überprüfung”.

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Book Chapter: Expatriates - im Ökosystem zu Hause in der Ferne (DE)

Ruthemeier A. (2018) Expatriates – im Ökosystem zu Hause in der Ferne, In Prof. Dr. Dr. Philipp Plugmann (eds) Innovationsumgebungen gestalten. Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden

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