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About Steinbeis and IGEI

The Steinbeis Institute for Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation (IGEI) was founded in the very special year of 2020. The IGEI is an interdisciplinary transfer institute at the Steinbeis School of Management and Innovation (SMI). The purpose is to bring research into practice by teaching to students and stakeholders as well as by representing the findings on conferences and within politics The SMI itself offers several study courses for undergraduates and graduates in the field of Business, Innovation and Engineering. The SMI in turn is a business school of Steinbeis University Berlin, Germany’s largest private university consequently following the approach of dual education, fostered by Ferdinand von Steinbeis.

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Three overlapping topics

The three overlapping topics Migration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation form the Research and Teaching focus of the IGEI.

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Partners & Memberships

The Institute for Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation can rely on a strong network of partners that support the work and follow the mission. The IGEI is also member of renowned organisations.

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Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises


The people behind the Institute for Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Combining global entrepreneurial track-record and academic excellence


Alexander Ruthemeier

Founding Director

Alexander Ruthemeier began his career in Financial Services, before he moved from Singapore to Berlin working for Rocket Internet, wefox and Element among others. As a seasoned entrepreneur and founder of Expatrio and DEGIS, he is also pursuing his academic path by researching and teaching about Migrant Entrepreneurship.

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Research & Teaching focus

The Institute for Global Entrepreneurship & Innovation (IGEI) constitutes its research and teaching around the topic of Migrant Entrepreneurship with a focus on opportunity-driven business formation in the knowledge intense and digital economy by skilled (im-)migrants, or those migrating to undergo training, i.e. students.

The topic of Migrant Entrepreneurship among the above outlined group has not yet been researched to a satisfactory degree and is presenting a research gap which the IGEI is about to fill.

The Institute for Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation focuses on the following three topics:


(Im-)migrants of different generations with voluntarily migration background, in particular skilled Expatriates and International Students


Scientific Entrepreneurship, in general and in particular focusing on opportunity-driven Entrepreneurship among Migrants in knowledge intense industries


Innovation, in general and in particular driven by Migrant Entrepreneurs as a driver of the future economy and society

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